About The Hasselback Directory
The Hasselback Directory is designed to be a comprehensive, online directory of accounting faculty. Launched in 2010, the first phase of this project has focused on collecting high-quality data about faculty in accounting departments, schools, and programs in all institutions of higher education in the US; the long term goal is to encourage world-wide participation. The Hasselback Directory is named in honor of an eminent leader in accounting education: James R. Hasselback, and builds on his efforts to provide convenient means for faculty to connect with one another.
Dr. James (Jim) Hasselback

As the Mary Ball Washington Eminent Scholar at the University of West Florida, Dr. James (Jim) Hasselback has dedicated considerable time and leadership to the accounting community as editor of the Hasselback Accounting Faculty Directory, published for the past 30 years, and acknowledged as the authoritative source of data about accounting faculty. Recognized by the American Accounting Association during its 2005 Annual Meeting, Jim was awarded the Outstanding Service Award for his pioneering database for accounting education. Dr. Hasselback has published papers in a number of professional and academic journals, including The Accounting Review, The Tax Advisor, Financial Management, Journal of Real Estate Taxation, and the American Business Law Journal. He regularly presents continuing education seminars for CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and Accountants. He is co-author on a two-volume introductory taxation series, co-author on the Master Accounting Guide, and teams up with Irvin Gleim to produce an Enrolled Agent Review Course. Before moving to the University of West Florida, Dr. Hasselback was a member of the faculty of Florida State University for 27 years.

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The Hasselback Directory is supported by the American Accounting Association as a service to the international accounting education community and is open to all accounting faculty. A hard copy version will continue to be printed in partnership with Pearson Higher Education and will be widely available at meetings of accounting educators.